Adult Naruto Uzumaki Jacquard Knit Pre-Pack Sweater

Adult Naruto Uzumaki Jacquard Knit Pre-Pack Sweater
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Go out with warmth and style when you complete your outfit with this Adult Naruto Uzumaki Jacquard Knit Sweater. Now your favorite anime hero can accompany you wherever you go. As a shinobi, he is more accustomed to going out on dangerous missions. So we're sure he'll love taking a day off of work and going out with you. Especially if you happen to be going out for ramen!
This orange and black knitted sweater features an image of Naruto's face. There is also the symbol for the Hidden Leaf village as well as the Uzumaki family crest. Add your favorite anime to your wardrobe today with this unique sweater!

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  • GTIN: 196179586213
  • Bioworld Merchandising / Independent Sales
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