Adult Pokémon Pikachu Deluxe Costume | Pokémon Costumes

Adult Pokémon Pikachu Deluxe Costume | Pokémon Costumes
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Pikachu Dreams
We watched a ton of Pokémon episodes back in the day. Ash was cool and all, but in our mind… Pikachu was the real start. Just look at him! The little guy is colorful, adorable, and he can shoot lightning bolts out of his body. Back then, if we had one wish, it would have been to transform into Pikachu. Of course, now we're adults, so we can't be entertaining such silly dreams… or can we?
Who are we kidding? We specialize in creating and finding the best costumes in the world! This Pokémon Pikachu Deluxe Costume gives any adult the chance to chase after their long-lost dreams of being an electric-type rodent Pokémon!
Fun Details
Inspired by the adorable little critter from the Pokémon anime and video game series, this costume is the easiest way to transform into Pikachu. The costume comes with a yellow jumpsuit that's made out of a Minky fabric and fits with a fastener in the back. The wrists and ankles both have elastic bands in them to help provide a snug and comfy fit. The headpiece matches the jumpsuit and even has Pikachu's cute little face on the top! When you have it all on, you'll be ready to travel alongside Ash for the next gym battle!

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