Are You Talking About Krillin Super Saiyan Goku Statue

Are You Talking About Krillin Super Saiyan Goku Statue
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Without a doubt, one of the most historic moments in the entirety of the Dragon Ball franchise was seeing Goku transform into a Super Saiyan for the first time. In fact, it might be one of the most epic moments in the history of anime! Now, you can celebrate that amazing landmark in Dragon Ball and anime history when you add this Super Saiyan Goku 'Are You Talking About Krillin' statue to your collection.
After Goku's milestone moment, one of the most intense anime fights takes place. Super Saiyan Goku vs Frieza on the dying planet of Namek. There's not a second of this fight that isn't more intense than the last. This statue freezes a moment in time from that fight. Frieza, having all the class of a child throwing a tantrum, blatantly insults the deceased Krillin. That's when Goku unleashes the rage that is depicted in this epic collectible.
In-Saiyan Details
This statue features Goku letting out a mighty roar of righteous anger. His translucent yellow aura glows behind him. He is atop the planet Namek as it gets ready to implode. Lava is shooting out from the planet's core all around Goku. The Saiyan warrior is wearing his tattered and shredded training Gi. His upper body is bare, covered in scars and veins.
Display this statue in your collection today and commemorate your favorite Dragon Ball character making history in the ever-expanding world of anime!

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