Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Proplica Tengen Uzui's Nichirin Swords

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Proplica Tengen Uzui's Nichirin Swords
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The Next Addition
After watching the 2nd season of the amazing anime, 'Demon Slayer', we're sure you're antsy to start building up your anime collection. We would like to introduce you to the newest must-have addition to your collection. Check out these Demon Slayer Tengen Uzui's Proplica Nichirin Swords.
The 2nd season focused on two different Hashira's. First was the incredibly passionate Kyojuro Rengoku the Flame Hashira. Then came super flashy shinobi turned swordsman, Tengen Uzui the Sound Hashira. 
Demon Killing Details
This collectible set of Nichirin Swords perfectly resembles those that Tengen used to slay many demons during his career as a Hashira. From the tips of the blades to the chain that connects them, this Proplica holds all the details from the anime series that you love. These blades even come with a stand that will allow you to properly display them in your home alongside the rest of your Demon Slayer collectibles.
A Reminder
Before you head off to the Entertainment District and start hunting down demons, keep in mind that you're not ready. You haven't even mastered your Sound Breathing techniques yet! Instead, keep them at home and leave the demon-slaying to the professionals. However, if you wish to take your Tengen Cosplay to the next level, we can totally stand behind you adding these Proplicas to your costume!

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