Digimon Adventure: Our War Game! Dynaction Omegamon Figure

Digimon Adventure: Our War Game! Dynaction Omegamon Figure
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The Alpha and Omegamon
Relinquish any foe that comes your way in the Digi-World when you add this Digimon Adventure: Our War Game! Dynaction Omegamon Action Figure to your team. This Royal Knight Digimon is born from the fusion of Metal Garurumon and War Greymon. It is made of and can utilize both of those Digimon's special qualities at any time in battle. On its left arm, you will see the shield and helm of War Greymon as well as the invincible Grey Sword. On his right, the head of Metal Garurumon has a massive missile launching cannon.
No matter how powerful the enemy may be, with Omegamon's pure strength as well as the power of hope and friendship on its side, this Digimon will prevail and claim victory! So we will leave the fate of the Digi-World and Tokyo in your hands. Once your mission is complete and the day is saved, this 40cm action figure will make the perfect addition to your anime collection.
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Along with this incredibly detailed figurine, you will also receive mini-figures of both Taichi and Yamato that can be placed upon Omegamon's shoulders. With interchangeable pieces as well as multiple points of articulation, you will be able to display this masterpiece in a number of different action poses. This collectible also comes with a set of dedicated pedestals. Add this all-powerful Digimon to your team today and keep the world at peace!

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