Dragon Ball Z Cell (1st Form) (Vs Omnibus Ultra) Figure

Dragon Ball Z Cell (1st Form) (Vs Omnibus Ultra) Figure
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The Beginning of True Evil
When the populations of entire cities are vanishing, you know something is up. When only piles of clothing are left up and down the streets, you know exactly what's going on. The evil Dragon Ball Z villain Cell is up to no good. He's absorbing people, left and right, and building up his power level. He's trying to gain enough power to transform into Imperfect Cell!
It's a scary time to be alive. Whether or not you know the Z-Fighters, the last thing you want to do is get on Cell's bad side. Celebrate his triumphant return by adding this Dragon Ball Z Cell (1st Form) (Vs Omnibus Ultra) Statue to your collection today! If you're lucky, he might not absorb you when he sees this amazingly detailed statue. However, please don't take his word for it. Keep an eye on that tail of his. You never know what this villain is thinking until he attacks!
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This phenomenal collectible features one of the strongest villains in the DBZ series. Even in his first form, the infamous Cell is still a force to be reckoned with. He is depicted in his intimidating stance. When you look closely at this statue, you will notice that even the most minute of details are meticulously sculpted. It truly brings this villainous anime character to life!

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