Dragon Ball Z Goku Costume for Adults

Dragon Ball Z Goku Costume for Adults
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Call for Z-Fighters!
We've spent years training to become a Super Saiyan. (Given the lack of a Hyperbolic Time Chamber, we pretty much have to.) Unfortunately, it's a lot harder than it looks! Goku just takes a stance and shouts a lot. After that, his hair turns yellow and he starts glowing. That seems easy enough, right!? Well, let's just say that we've been trying it every day for our lunch breaks and all we've gotten is a whole lot of weird looks from the neighboring offices!
So, what's the deal, Goku!? We've practiced all of his excellent stances. We've even mastered both the English and the Japanese pronunciations of his signature combat moves. We even hired a Tuvan throat singer to help us with our vocal training to try to double our yelling power! And it all resulted in a whole lot of throat drops and honey tea to try to recover from the stress. Suddenly, we struck a genius idea. We weren't wearing the garb of a true Z-Fighter!
Fun Details
Help us prove that we're onto something, here, when you gear up in this officially licensed Goku costume from Dragon Ball Z. This look features the whole ensemble to give you the look of Goku's training gi, his gift from his own adoptive grandpa! This includes the look of the blue undershirt and matching belt sash. You have the ruched orange pants and matching vest-style shirt that features Goku's kanji symbol on the chest and back. Boot covers get you in fighting style. All you need is the anime hair and we'll see if you have the power, too!
Shout Out to Roshi
We're sure that if our neighbors had DBZ Goku costume, they might have understood that we were just trying to go Super Saiyan. Don't make the same mistake as us! Be sure to wear this Master Roshi inspired outfit when you train. (No weighted clothing required!) 

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