Dragon Ball Z Goku Plus Size Costume

Dragon Ball Z Goku Plus Size Costume
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A Wish is Granted…
It's been a trying time for the world. We've got a ton of problems that it seems can only be fixed by someone with child-like innocence, a love of all things, and enough upgraded Super Saiyan forms that can grant him the ability to bring total devastation to any would-be villain that threatens the safety of the world. Of course, it has been a long time since we've seen Goku zipping around to save the day. We have to wonder if something happened… 
Fortunately, the crew is never likely to let Goku stay in the Other World for very long. Even if it requires a quick jaunt to another planet to gather up a whole alternate set of Dragon Balls, that wish is going to happen! So, now that Goku is going to be returned to us, we're all wondering where he is going to show up and what grand adventures are going to take place. It's time to get back into fighting form and we're happy to help you get started. 
Fun Details
Enjoy the excitement of the world of Dragon Ball Z when you feel the power of this spectacular wish turning you into Goku. This is an officially licensed jumpsuit costume that is styled to look just like all our favorite DBZ character. The costume is a large, sleeveless, orange gi with the iconic markings on the chest and back that depict Goku's training. The jumpsuit has an attached blue shirt front and very short sleeves to show his signature style. A matching blue sash cinches the waist and boot covers get your kicks flying! Finish off with our Goku wig or upgrade to Super Saiyan style if you like!
… Return the Favor
Remember that you can always gather up all the Dragon Balls again to have all the other DBZ characters join you when you're out as Goku. That or you could just get the rest of the team costumes; either are bound to be a ton of fun! 

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