Dragon Ball Z Goku Union Suit

Dragon Ball Z Goku Union Suit
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You might think that your dreams of becoming a Super Saiyan are far behind you but we have good news. Now, you can finally start your training and be well on your way to becoming one of the most powerful titans in the universe. In order to follow in Goku's footsteps, you must first be like him. You have to train harder than you've ever trained before. If you spend most of your time watching anime, it's going to be quite the change for you, so we have a suggestion.
Grab this Adult Dragon Ball Z Goku Union Suit. The best way for you to get into a "Goku State of Mind" is to dress the part. When you toss on this training-gi onesie, you'll feel more than ready to start your training. How you train is up to you. You could start with Master Roshi's training and deliver milk or jump right into King Kai's training and chase Bubbles! Whatever level you want to begin your training at, this union suit will be the perfect attire for you.
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This Dragon Ball Z costume is designed with graphics that will make you look just like your favorite Z Fighter. The orange gi with the blue undershirt, belt, and boots has been Goku's style since the beginning of Dragon Ball Z and long before that. The Turtle Hermit symbol is on the front while King Kai's symbol is featured on the back. With a zipper down the middle, you can easily get in and out of this fleece union suit. Start your training today in this officially licensed attire!

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