Dragon Ball Z Son Goku (Vs Omnibus Ultra) Figure

Dragon Ball Z Son Goku (Vs Omnibus Ultra) Figure
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Where's The Gi?!
You recognize the face and you know the pose from a mile away. However, the lack of an orange training gi may bring you some concern. Don't panic. This isn't some strange knock of Goku collectible. This Dragon Ball Z Son Goku (Vs Omnibus Ultra) Statue is actually a new and rare collectible to add to your Dragon Ball display!
Goku is wearing the outfit most commonly seen on the aliens from Planet Yardrat. If that planet sounds familiar, that's good. It means you are a true fan of this franchise. That is the planet where Goku ended up crash landing after his fight with Frieza on the dying planet of Namek. It is where he learned the amazing technique known as Instant Transmission! Add this special Goku statue to your collection today and have the most unique Dragon Ball display in town.

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