Dragon Ball Z Symbols 3 Pair Crew Socks

Dragon Ball Z Symbols 3 Pair Crew Socks
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Super Saiyan Socks
Your shoes can go Super Saiyan with these Dragon Ball Z Symbols 3 Pair Crew Socks! There are three different styles to suit your three different moods and/or fighting styles. Are you more classic power, like Goku? A techy android interested in Capsule Corp and the latest and greatest inventions? Or a member of the Red Ribbon Army? No matter what your alliance, there's a sock for you. These crew socks are stretchy and comfy and fit a variety of foot sizes. Wear them to your next martial arts tournament or during your next Dragon Ball marathon.

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  • GTIN: 196179262919
  • Bioworld Merchandising / Independent Sales
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