Goku and Friends Sublimated Print Socks

Goku and Friends Sublimated Print Socks
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Friends, Family, and Deities
Even your favorite anime hero doesn't simply go out to save the world all on his own. He has a solid group of friends that are always there by his side to help him through any battle. Some of Goku's best friends are featured on this pair of Goku and Friends Sublimated Print Socks.
Whether he needs tech support from his oldest friend Bulma or an extra set of fists in a fight from his best buddy and greatest rival Vegeta, they are always there for him. Goten and Trunks are always around to cheer on their parents or join the fight too. Of course, the newest addition to their fun group, the Angel Whis and God of Destruction Beerus always have time to hang out. That is, as long as there's a tasty treat in it for them!

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