Goku Dragon Ball Z Insulated Lunch Sack

Goku Dragon Ball Z Insulated Lunch Sack
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Pack a Punch With Your Lunch
If you plan to keep up with the strongest fighter in the universe, then you need to start training. If you want to be able to train as hard as your favorite Sayain warrior, then you need to fuel your body as much as possible. With the help of this Dragon Ball Z Goku Training Insulated Lunch Sack, you should be able to carry all of the food you'll need to satisfy your hunger. And trust us, with a training regimen as demanding as Goku's, you're going to be eating a whole lot of food! Pack all of the noodles, rice cakes, meat, and veggies needed to keep up with the intense training you plan on going through. After all, you can't go Ultra Instinct on an empty stomach.

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