Hunter x Hunter Gon Collectible Figure

Hunter x Hunter Gon Collectible Figure
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Gon the Don
Gon Freecss was born to be a hunter. The kid comes from good stock. His father is one of the most renowned hunters of all time. Gon himself is a prodigy in using Nen, the life force all capable hunters can use to augment their physical abilities. Nen also allows its users to utilize supernatural powers. Gon, a sweet kid who likes to play, manifested his abilities as Rock-Paper Scissors. This H X H figure shows Gon charging up the ability.
FUN Details
The best part about Gon's Nen ability is that you never know which attack he will throw. This anime figure shows Gon in mid-stance, ready to unleash a powerful punch, a fireball, or an energy blade. Of course, Gon is also rocking his classic green outfit and sporting his long black and unkempt hair. Go toe-to-toe with the Jajanken master and check out this officially licensed Super Figure Collection Hunter x Hunter Gon Figure.

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