Kakashi Naruto Cosplay Hoodie

Kakashi Naruto Cosplay Hoodie
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Jonin Status
It's tough to make it to the rank of Jonin. You have to cultivate your ninja skills day in and day out. You have to complete the Chunin exams. Then, you have to complete missions until the elders recognize your skill. Then, and only then, will you have the chance to become a Jonin… or you could just wear this Kakashi Cosplay Hoodie. It instantly transforms you into the elite ninja from Naruto!
Fun Details
Inspired by the Masashi Kishimoto anime series, this Naruto hoodie recreates Kakashi's outfit. The hoodie has the green flak jacket in the front, with navy blue sleeves. The sleeves also have red symbols on them. The hoodie features a zip-style front, making it easy to change into, and has functional front pockets, perfect for hiding a few useful ninja tools with you on your next mission. Of course, the best part about this hoodie is that you can use it to cosplay as your favorite character from Naruto, or add it to your regular wardrobe rotation!

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