One Piece Anniversary Bandai Ichibansho Nico Robin Statue

One Piece Anniversary Bandai Ichibansho Nico Robin Statue
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Straw Hat Strategist
When it comes to tactics, Nico Robin is invaluable to the Straw Hat crew. Luffy is a powerhouse, but his plans usually involve punching stuff and Zoro might be good with a sword (or 3), but he's not really a mastermind when it comes to gathering data. Then, you have Sanji who's as good with a wok, but he's too busy swooning at the ladies to come up with anything smart! Without Nico, the Straw Hats would be lost… and without this One Piece Anniversary Nico Robin Ichibansho Statue, your collection will be lost!
Fun Details
Inspired by the Eiichiro Oda character from the anime series, this Nico Robin statue is officially licensed and it perfectly captures her in a highly collectible statue. She's wearing a short kimono and a black overcoat. With plenty of intricate details, she's a clear choice to add to any One Piece collection.

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