One Piece Ichibansho Enel (Duel Memories) Statue

One Piece Ichibansho Enel (Duel Memories) Statue
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A Collectible From The Heavens
Remember when the Straw Hat Pirates took on God? Well, at least Enel thought he was a god. Although, with powers like his, who could blame him? Even the biggest fans of Luffy and his crew had to be sweating a little bit when our favorite rubber-man went head-to-head against this powerful foe. Now, you can add this godly villain to your anime collection when you grab this One Piece Ichibansho Enel (Duel Memories) figure.
Enel is depicted in his divine garbs. His golden staff is in one hand while he uses the other to blast a powerful lightning attack at the ground. This Enel statue will make for the perfect centerpiece of your One Piece Villain display!

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