Pretty Guardian | Sailor Moon Sailor Jupiter Bandai

Pretty Guardian | Sailor Moon Sailor Jupiter Bandai
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The Strongest Girl on the Team
Kino Makoto is one tough girl. Both in civilian life and as a member of Sailor Moon's team! She won't hesitate to stop a bully in their tracks with her intense attitude and her karate skills. If Queen Beryl and her minions attack the city, then she'll use her Supreme Thunder to make short work of them. She's an important part of the team and now, she's going to be the strongest member of your collection! This Pretty Guardian Sailor Jupiter Figure is an officially licensed figure made by Bandai, and she's ready to join the team!
Fun Details
This amazing figure is a highly detailed collectible based on the character from the Naoko Takeuchi anime series. The figure is made out of PVC material and it stands around 6 inches tall. The figure has various points of articulation and even comes with interchangeable pieces to help you customize her poses. She also comes with a stand to help you display her. The figure also comes in a windowed box, just in case you feel like leaving her in the box. She's definitely a must-have member to join your own personal Sailor Moon team!

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