Sasuke and Naruto Chibi AOP Socks

Sasuke and Naruto Chibi AOP Socks
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Subtle Shinobi Apparel 
Celebrate your favorite anime without having to go full-on shinobi when you grab a pair of these Adult Naruto and Sasuke Chibi AOP Socks. You might have your own Hidden Leaf Village vest and headband, but you can't just go out and about wearing that. For all you know, enemy shinobi may be lurking about and ready to attack. Avoid that and subtly show your love for two of the Hidden Leaf's greatest warriors with these anime socks.
The chibi versions of Naruto and Sasuke are printed all over this apparel. Each of them is featured in two different poses. Along with those two over-experienced Genins are their clan symbols. The name of the anime "Naruto Shippuden" is printed on the bottom of each sock as well.

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