Sesshomaru Inuyasha Tenseiga and Tokijin Hat

Sesshomaru Inuyasha Tenseiga and Tokijin Hat
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A Dark Path
Everyone knows swords are cool, and who has cooler swords than the dog demon Sesshomaru? When you wear this Sesshomaru Inuyasha Tenseiga and Tokijin Hat, you'll be as close to the baddest, fluffiest doggy demon ever–you'll even share the crescent moon on your foreheads (although yours will be embroidered). Sesshomaru's swords, Tenseiga and Tokijim, are printed on the sides. There's a plastic adjuster on the back, so one size fits most. Pair it with your favorite fur cape, sick swords, long anime wig, sweet jeans, and graphic tee for a modern take that true fans will appreciate.

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