Sleep Pants Naruto All Over Print

Sleep Pants Naruto All Over Print
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Ninja Art: Relaxation Jutsu
Naruto works hard. He has to if he wants to keep up with all of the other ninja in Konoha. He's not as naturally gifted as Sasuke, with his Sharingan. He's also not as brilliant as Sakura. He's also not very sneaky… which seems like a quality that a top ninja should have! That means he needs to practice his constantly. You can find him endlessly performing new jutsu just to learn it! Of course, this naturally means he also needs to spend tons of time getting a little rest and recovery in. We bet you can find him lounging around in some comfy sleep pants when he's not mastering new techniques.
Fun Details
If you work hard, then you should treat yourself to some comfy, ninja-style pants! These Naruto Sleep Pants feature an all-over print inspired by the Masashi Kishimoto anime series. The pants are made out of an ultra-soft material and fit with a drawstring around the waist. They feature Naruto Uzumaki all over them in various poses. They have pockets on the hips and are machine washable. Just toss them on after a hard day of ninja-training, or just a hard day of work!

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