Sweet Daddy Pimp Costume for Men

Sweet Daddy Pimp Costume for Men
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All that Swag
You know, we make it a habit of accepting whatever people throw our way. You want to dress up as a gumball machine? No problem. You want to be a giant deer? Sure, why not? How about a highly esoteric anime character? Of course. We accept you as you are. Whatever you want to be? You be it, and the more power to you. 
So, it should come as no surprise then, that if you want to dress up in the most gaudy and obnoxious outfit you can find, well, we support you. That's right. Bring on the shiny gold shoes. Use that loud zebra print. Get yourself some redonkulous jewelry. We may not be able to pull off that look personally, but we commend you on your fearless demeanor while wearing it.
Fun Details 
 If that last outfit sounds like something you'd be interested in? Well then, our Sweet Daddy Pimp Costume may be just the outfit you're looking for. This crushed velvet suit comes in a deep wine color. The knee-length jacket has shoulder pads, wide lapels, and one big black button to fasten the front. There's also zebra-printed accent fabric on the collar, lapel, sleeve cuffs, and pocket flaps. The pants are in a matching red velvet, with an elastic waistband that also has zebra-print cuffs. The hat, which is included with this outfit, is in a zebra-print velour, with a wide flat brim and gold satin ribbon band. There's even a gold satin neck-scarf. Just get yourself some kickin' shoes, maybe some cheap sunglasses, and you'll be the…. well we don't know what exactly you'll be, but we're pretty sure you'll be it the best.
Festive Fella 
So there you have it. Crazy loud and crazy gaudy. And you know what? We think you can totally work it. Go you. 

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